Process leading up to the examination

We hope this will eliminate your nervousness or concerns until the examination

Process leading up to the examination

STEP.1 Problem consultation

Email consultation
Consult directly with a doctor for free by email online or via the mobile site.
Phone consultation
Contact us by phone regarding anything that is unclear.
Click here for direct phone numbers for each clinic.


STEP.2 Counseling reservation

Online reservation
You can make a reservation directly online or via our mobile site.
Phone reservations
Call the Aesthetic Dermatology toll free number to set the date and time of your visit.


STEP.3 Free counseling

Counseling with a doctor

A doctor will provide you with specific advice on what you need to do to become as beautiful as you want to be. Let us propose the ideal methods and treatments for you.


STEP.4 Treatment day

Safety is the first priority. Treatment that is as painless as possible

Ready your physical condition and come to the clinic.
The doctors and all staff members will do their best to help you relax.


STEP.5 After care

Total service after treatment as well

We provide detailed follow up care for those who feel nervous after treatment.
Not all is finished when the treatment is finished. We believe that post treatment consultation and care is just as important as pretreatment service.

STEP.5 アフターケア

Our aesthetic dermatologist doctors will answer your problems and needs regarding sagging, wrinkles, blemishes, and dullness.
You will be provided with a careful explanation of the differences between various treatments and the optimal treatment methods for you.

Search by problem or goals

Smaller face/rejuvenation
Sagging skin/wrinkles
blemishes/freckles/dullness/bags under eyes/chloasma
acne, acne scars,pores
Medical laser hair removal
Moles Others
minor cosmetic surgery/eyelid fold
weight reduction/localized slimming